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From richest of the world to poorest of poor, everyone is a commuter! Jump.in.Jump.out creators are commuter first and Hi-tech entrepreneurs later. Horrible traffic jams made us go bananas. Just like you, we went through a cycle of unbelief, anger, anguish and despair.

One day, while stuck in traffic, an epiphany hit us. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, every vehicle ensured that there is no empty space on the roadway. But when you looked inside the vehicle, most vehicles were wasting 75% - 80% of space. How? Each car carried a single person where the car could accommodate 4-5 people. We realized that this has to change and got to work.

Jump.in.Jump.out is not only a rideshare platform. It aims to make sharing economy the norm as opposed to novelty. It aims to ensure “there’s no empty seat” Jump.in.Jump.out Founder/CEO Mr. Chetan Temkar is a well-known name in Mumbai Transport Planning network. He has been invited to various public forums including the BMW Guggenheim even in Mumbai for his understanding of the mobile industry and the way it can contribute to changing accessibility for the masses. He is co-founder/trustee of the Mumbai Environmental Social Network (MESN) and a member of Mumbai Transport Forum. Mumbai Transport Forum brings leading activists, consultants, architects and town-planners together to work on solutions for horrendous Mumbai traffic.

Electrical Engineer by education, Chetan is a serial entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt. Before starting SmartShehar, Chetan is a Director at CVP Technologies (USA), which provides marketing database construction services to medium sized companies and also provides other development services like Web, Java, etc.

Prior to CVP, Chetan was the Head of the New Jersey Division of Harte-Hanks which is a public company providing marketing database services to Fortune 500 hundred companies. Before this, Chetan had a software consulting company in India which provided software and training services to clients including the State of Maharashtra in India.

Other products

Jump.in.Jump.outis the latest in a series of social and ingenuous technology solutions from our stable. Our suite of transit applications under the name "SmartShehar" are already very popular with the commuters of Mumbai, India. All of our applications are location based, context-aware, dynamic and work towards solving a problem via technology. We do not believe in throwing technology peoples' way just because we can build it. We believe in solving real issues with real technology.

Ridesharing was never so easy! While creating a trip, users can notify their friends and/or communities. Everyone is sent a notification instantly. Users do not need to have the app ON to receive the notification. They can join the trip. From this point onwards, they are regularly notified of the vehicle's progress. They are notified when the vehicle starts moving, when the vehicle approaches nearetc. The vehicle can be tracked real-time to ensure no-one wastes time waiting on the road.

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