How to offer rides?

How to create a trip?

Use “Create Jump.In” to create a shared trip. The app detects your current location automatically (You must enable GPS before creating a trip). You can enter the destination & the app will try to resolve the address automatically as you type. You can choose to invite your friends or communities (Explained later) as you create a trip.

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Finding a shared ride

How do I find a trip using JiJo?

Current version of Jump.in.Jump.out allows you to see rides created by your friends & your communities. Most of the times, you will be notified as soon as matching trip is created. However, you can use Find Jump.in to see if there are trips that you can join in case you miss the notification.

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How do the notifications work?

Push notification is a major innovation added by JiJo. This makes usage of the app very easy. As a result of the notifications, the users do not have to access the app to get information. This is a very efficient way to communicate with users.

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What are “Commuting Communities”?

Jump.in.Jump.out solves the dependency issue of the carpooling via communities. Communities are private group of people staying & working in the same area. A typical smartphone user is part of many “groups” on popular instant messaging applications. Jump.in.Jump.out communities work the same way. A moderator can create a community and add people from his/her phone-book.

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Privacy, Safety and security

Why does the app need access to my location?

Location based applications use your current location to figure out things around you. Jump.In.Jump.Out is location based and real time ridesharing application. Based on your current location, it automatically figures out rides that are passing near you. Hence without access to your location, the application will have very limited functionality. Make sure your location is ON before you access the application for best results.

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What’s coming up?

What new functionality can we expect to be added soon?

The 10,000 miles journey has just begun with a small step. We are working on opening up a whole new sharing economy where people can share as per their comfort level (friends only, friends and acquaintances or people going your way).

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