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Today, the status of public transport leaves a lot to be desired in most large cities. People who can are increasingly using their own private cars to commute to work. This is giving rise to an undesirable situation where our roads are perpetually clogged & the employees are always exhausted & grumpy after a long commute

on someone else. The co-ordination is a hassle & there’s awkwardness around payments.Ridesharing is the most obvious solution, but it is not the norm yet due to inherent problems. People who are sharing rides are always afraid that they will be dependent

Jump.in.Jump.out is working on a simple & practical rideshare solution that is built to tackle precisely these issues. Medium-large sized enterprises have a great opportunity to be part of this green initiative.

By becoming a part of JiJo, the enterprises will not only help the planet; it will also help the employees by easing their commuting woes & saving money in the bargain. Besides, the benefit of employees reaching their workplace with a fresh mind cannot be underestimated.

Last but not the least – Jump.in.Jump.out can help large enterprises rationalize their shuttle services. Inter-site shuttles can be better managed using Jump.in.Jump.out platform. Since the vehicles can be tracked real-time, instances of cheating will reduce. When the shuttle service is ad-hoc in nature, it can create a trip in advance and notify employees. Employees can plan their trips better and the shuttle service utilization can be improved.

Oh, and by the way, did we mention that it will not cost you anything?

Write to us for more details. We will be glad to swing-by and set you up to provide a ridesharing platform to your employees in a jiffy.

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