What are “Commuting Communities”?

Jump.in.Jump.out solves the dependency issue of the carpooling via communities. Communities are private group of people staying & working in the same area. A typical smartphone user is part of many “groups” on popular instant messaging applications. Jump.in.Jump.out communities work the same way. A moderator can create a community and add people from his/her phone-book.

How can I “Join” a community?

Currently, the communities are “private” to protect users’ privacy. Thus, if you want to join a community, you will need to be added by the community moderator (Creator). In future, we will be adding more flexible forms of communities where you can request to join a community.

When I try to create or join a community, why am I asked to create a profile?

We, at Jump.in.Jump.out do not believe in asking for more information than required from our users. When you create a community, it is possible to have “friends of friends” on the community i.e. people you may not know directly (they may be friends of your friends). To protect all the users, it is necessary to refer to people in the community by a username instead of full name. Also gender and age is helpful to establish sharing preferences (sharing only between girls for example)

I am part of a community, but I am not going to office for a while. I will be bombarded by notifications when my community is invited… It may be annoying.

Indeed & we understand that very well. When a user creates a trip & invites the community, only those community members who are near the trip are notified to reduce possibility of sending spurious notifications. Alternatively, you can also “Mute” a community if you do not want to receive notifications from that community. You can always unmute a community to resume receiving notifications. You can also leave a community if this community is no-longer relevant to you. (If you move or change jobs)