How to offer rides?

How to create a trip?

Use “Create Jump.In” to create a shared trip. The app detects your current location automatically (You must enable GPS before creating a trip). You can enter the destination & the app will try to resolve the address automatically as you type. You can choose to invite your friends or communities (Explained later) as you create a trip.

How can I announce my trip?

The trip creation dialog allows you to notify your friends. When you invite someone like this, they are notified as soon as you create a trip. If they don’t have the App installed, they will receive an SMS prompting them to download the App.

Who can see my trip?

Currently version of JiJo is designed to enable ‘friends’ to share trips with each other. “Friend” in this context is someone whose phone number is present in your phone-book and if they have the app installed. When you notify someone explicitly, they will always see the trip. Members of your community will see the trip only if the trip passes through their last known location.

Can I indicate a “Start-time” for my trip?

Yes, you can. By default, the App takes current system time as trip start time. However, by clicking on “Start Time”, you can choose a different start time. You can use this option to create a planned trip. This will help you and your friends to plan ahead of times.

When I create a trip, I see messages about distance, time and cost. What are these?

The app calculates the distance of the trip based on your start and end points. The time duration is currently based on optimum conditions (No traffic). The cost of trip is included just as a guideline for now. The amount is calculated based on approximate real cost of owning & operating a car (~15 Rs/KM) for a private car owner.

What does “Optional Information” mean on the trip creation screen?

You can use this area to include additional information (such as car details, pick-up location) etc. This will make it easier for you to co-ordinate with your friends.

How do I get paid for the rides that I offer?

The current release of JiJo is limited to “Friends” sharing rides. It is left to the users to work out division of trip costs between them. The total cost of the trip displayed while creating the trip can be used as a benchmark. Subsequent releases of Jump.in.Jump.out will integrate mobile payment to facilitate seamless transactions.

What do you mean by “In-Path”? I have seen you use it multiple times.

Jump.in.Jump.out uses algorithms to ensure people do not see trips that are not relevant to them. A person will see a trip via “Find Jump.In” only the trip path passes near (within 2 KM radius) his/her current location.

How can people join my trip?

If you notified your friends while creating a trip, they get a notification &they can use it to “Join” your trip. Alternately they may use “Find Jump.In” to see your trip as well. You are notified as soon as someone joins your trip via a voice-prompt. You will see “1 Joined” on your trip screen as soon as someone joins.

When would I use “Pause Sharing” option while in-trip?

Use Pause Sharing if you want to end the trip. When you click on Pause Sharing, the screen display changes and it shows you options to “resume” or “end” the trip.

How do I end my trip?

The app tries to end the trip automatically for you. However, it is possible that the trip does not end automatically because the destination you chose while creating the trip does not exactly match with your actual trip-end point. In that case, you can touch “Paus Sharing” and touch “End” to end the trip.