Privacy, Safety and security

Why does the app need access to my location?

Location based applications use your current location to figure out things around you. Jump.In.Jump.Out is location based and real time ridesharing application. Based on your current location, it automatically figures out rides that are passing near you. Hence without access to your location, the application will have very limited functionality. Make sure your location is ON before you access the application for best results.

Does this app depend on mobile data connectivity?

Yes. To be able to use the app effectively, you must have a working mobile connection. The power of the app lies in ability to send/receive notifications, ability to track the driver real-time and algorithms used to match the trips. These will not be able to function without data connectivity. In that sense, the app is no different from WhatsApp or any other popular mobile app.

How much mobile data will the app consume?

If you are creating a trip, then the data consumption will be relatively higher on your phone. That is because, the vehicle location needs to be communicated real-time. This is no-different from when you use Google navigation services or maps to guide you. All of these services depend on gauging your current location and communicating it to the server.

What about safety and security?

The current version of JiJo allows sharing of trips between friends only. As a result, safety/security concerns take a back-seat. However, we are adding lot of new exciting features to the app and are building safety/security hooks to the app to open up the sharing economy.