How to offer rides?

Finding a shared ride

How do I find a trip using JiJo?

Current version of Jump.in.Jump.out allows you to see rides created by your friends & your communities. Most of the times, you will be notified as soon as matching trip is created. However, you can use Find Jump.in to see if there are trips that you can join in case you miss the notification.

I see a trip that I would like to join – what do I do?

Just click “Join” on the trip-route screen. As soon as you join the trip, the driver is notified and you can start tracking the driver real-time.

I see a bunch of buttons on the right side of the screen. What do they mean?

In addition to the “Location” icon that Google includes on all map screens, you see various zooming options. Clicking on the ‘car’ will zoom in on the car for better visibility. Other zooming options zoom to the trip-path or the path between drivers’ current location and your current location.

Sometimes I see a “Jump-IN” button in addition to “Joined” on my map. What’s that?

Jump.In button appears on your map screen when you are really close to the vehicle that you are tracking. When the vehicle is less than 150 meters from you, Jump.In button appears. When you get into the vehicle, just touch Jump.in to indicate that you are not in the trip.

Can you show the ETA in addition to current speed of the driver?

Providing ETA in traffic-riddled cities is not easy. Our servers constantly track the driver and provide instantaneous location and speed to you. That should give a reasonably accurate estimate of time of arrival. However, this is something that we will add in due-course.