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Payment Policy

Jump In Jump Out is a real-time dynamic mobile application that is in the business of matching shared rides with people and vice-versa. The shared rides are offered through our affiliate partners who may make seats available in their vehicles through our application. You acknowledge that using these services will result in charges from our partners offering the services. Jump In Jump Out will facilitate the payment on behalf of our partners who are offering the services via mobile payment technologies such as mobile wallets, net-banking and credit cards.

Before joining the trip, “Jump In Jump Out” will give you the tariff (per KM charges) and any other charges if applicable. The exact charges will be calculated after you avail the service and drop out of the trip. The exact charges will depend on a variety of factors (type of vehicle, number of people using the service, duration of the trip and distance travelled).

Charges will be inclusive of applicable taxes required by law. After availing of the service, the charges paid will be full and final and non-refundable. You will be emailed a receipt after the payment is handled through our mobile payment service provider partners.

Jump in Jump Out and its affiliate partners reserve the right to modify or revise charges or to offer discounts and promotional offers. Jump In Jump Out and its affiliate partners also reserve the right to alter the payment terms and condition (How the charges are calculated)

This payment structure is intended to fully compensate our affiliate partner for the services. You are not obligated or expected to provide gratuity or tips to the service offeror, but you may choose to do so at your discretion.

From the perspective of the application, you are obliged to use the services after you press “Pick me up” button on the app for a particular trip. After you press this button, the driver or service provider is notified and they reserve a seat for you. We understand that you may change their mind and decide to cancel or modify their travel plan, thereby requiring you to cancel the service. We understand that these are unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances and we will require levying a cancellation fee in such cases. The cancellation fee will be highlighted when you choose to drop-out of an already joined trip and the trip will be cancelled only after you confirm (minimizing the situations where you cancel the trip by mistake)

In rare and regrettable case of disputes, we request you to reach us at and we will make the sincere effort to settle the dispute in an amicable manner. In case of a dispute, terms and conditions outlined in the End User License Agreement will be applicable.

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